What’s New

My writer’s club has scheduled a group reading at the Blend Wine Shop at Key Center for April 8th, 7-9PM. I’ll be reading from Inuit and if there’s time I’ll provide a coming attraction of American Samurai. Still searching for a final title ofSamurai. Maybe I should run a contest. Kenji Watanabe is a young pilot in the Japanese Military Services. He is only 17, but flies a Zero against his first target, Pearl Harbor. When he gets shot down on Oahu, he is rescued by a Nisei (Japanese American) couple who have recently lost their only son in a traffic accident. Miki Kurata takes Kenji under her wing, planning to nurse him back to health and then turn him over to the American authorities, but before the couple can do that, they are ordered to a detention camp on Oahu. They present Kenji as an adopted son and take him along to the camp. Seeing the camp as just another POW camp, Kenji joins the American Army to escape the camp and later volunteers for aviator training. He flies fighters in North Africa and later in Europe against the Nazis. All the while looking for ways to make it back to Japan and his family. He doesn’t know he’s fighting against time as his family lives in Hiroshima. Kenji downs 17 enemy aircraft before he himself is downed and captured.

I’m working on a new book, working title = Flying Samurai. It’s about a young Japanese pilot who participates in the attack on Pearl Harbor. When he’s shot down over Oahu, a Japanese family takes him in and hides him. When they are all sent to a detention center, the young pilot, under an assumed name, volunteers for the Army and spends the rest of the war flying missions against the Nazis. Only when he is decorated for valor does the Army discover his true identity as an enemy of the US.


Dillon’s War, the Weretiger of Kontum has become a trilogy. A draft manuscript of the sequel Dillon’s War, Awakening is finished. It has been edited for content. It’s going to be the subject of my blog which will begin in May.

The third part of the trilogy Dillon’s war, Resolution (working title) is well under way and should be ready for editing before the end of 2013.

I feel like I’m about to lose a dear friend. I’m within a chapter or two of finishing my Dillon’s War trilogy. I have lived with my characters for three years and hate to say goodbye. I try to tell myself that since I created them, they will always be with me. I suppose that’s true.

Have written a short story about the last creature alive on earth and think maybe this will be the start of a new novel. We’ll see after I finish mourning for Mike and Claude. I’ll not have to mourn for Dave because he’s a real person. Maybe I’ll call him.

Currently editing/proofing publisher’s proof copy, just received, of The Tiger of Dien Bien Phu, publisher is Merriam Press. The book is a historic Novel and features a character from the third book of the Dillon’s War trilogy, Claude Lellange. Set in the turbulent days of Vietnam during WWII and just after, Claude is the protagonist you will love to hate.

New Roanoke Island – A Post Apocalyptic Novel, is set on the Washington State Coast and tells of the days just after the end of the Mayan Calendar. Survivors of a cataclysmic event struggle against the elements and each other to survive and build a new society. The manuscript is competed, read by beta readers, edited twice, and now goes for final editing. Expected to be published before the autumn, 2016.

The Last  Warrior – And Other Tales of Peace and War is a collection of short stories including the stories offered up in my blog. This books contains something for everyone-comedy, horror, Science Fiction, War, You name it (No romance . . . wait. There is a little of that. No werewolves or zombies . . . wait. There is a story about a weretiger and one about sasquatch.) This book is currently entered in a national writing contest, Results this summer. TBP.

Current on my plate and facing the wrecking bar is Inuit. This story is about the natives of Western Alaska and their struggle to maintain their traditional way of life in a rapidly changing environment created by global warming. I should have a final draft manuscript finished by Christmas. Then the real work begins. follow my progress in my blog.