Revenge of the Weretiger

This second story in the Dillon’s War trilogy, begins in 1969 war-torn Vietnam, where Dillon’s War-the Weretiger of Kontum ends, Mike Dillon and his ally, an Indo-Chinese tiger, have been killed by a hired assassin and sniper, Ben Pellegrino. The sniper is distressed when he discovers that the man he mistakenly shot is Mike. They were childhood friends. The story begins with Ben entombing Mike and the tiger together beneath a pile of rocks.

The dead are reincarnated by supernatural means as the mythic beast, the weretiger, able to shape-shift from tiger to man and back at will, and possessed of great strength. He cannot be killed by ordinary means.

Mike is reunited with his canine companion, the little black dog named Snake. Mike’s  college buddy, Dave Duryee, is reintroduced as a CIA operative assigned to Kontum.

Mike faces difficult choices as he continues Dillon’s War throughout Vietnam and Laos.


Anyone wishing to read the first book of this trilogy, may purchase Dillon’s War – the Weretiger of Kontum in any bookstore or on line at in hard copy or eBook.

ISBN 978-1-937293-30-7

Watch for the thrilling conclusion to the trilogy of Dillon’s War; Dillon’s War – Resolution (working title), soon to be published.