Dillon’s War

Deep in the jungles of Vietnam, a soldier is confronted by a tiger for what will become a life-changing experience for both. Mike Dillon never dreamt a tiger’s bite would be the catalyst to release him from the civilized world and free the wild creature that dwelt dormant within him. Neither does the tiger suspect he will find a spiritual partner in the man he stalks as prey.

Here is the story of Mike Dillon, enigmatic anti-hero of Dillon’s War–The Weretiger of Kontum. It begins with Mike’s birthing on the back seat of a taxi cab outside a Massachusetts hospital. Nothing in his young life prepares the young man for his experiences subsequent to his near fatal encounter with the tiger.

As the bond between Mike and the tiger grows stronger, Their strange alliance is observed by primitive tribesmen who perceive the man and his creature companion as a single entity, the mythical weretiger, a beast able to shape-shift at will.

Woven from the sights and sounds of the author’s experiences during the war in Vietnam, Dixon’s story explores the consequences when the wild creature residing inside on man surfaces. Can the man-beast pair exist individually or do they need each other to survive?

What readers have to say…

“Dillon’s War . . .  is pretty interesting read. I was intrigued by the premise of the were-tiger and I loved the fact that the author incorporated his experiences with the Vietnam War into the characters and scenes presented in this novel. The author’s writing style is strong on his diction. I thought his vocabulary was perfect for this type of novel and I felt as though it was a very easy read, in a good way.  The plot  was developed nicely and I commend the author on having a steam-lined (?) (could he mean stream-lined) hook to keep his readers engaged until the very end of the novel. . . . A strong book. Fast read. Great references and well – researched. Also, the packaging of the book was well thought out . . . .”