Dillon’s War – Weretiger’s Deliverance

A paranormal adventure tale featuring Mike Dillon as the Weretiger, a mythical beast able to shape- shift at will. The war in Vietnam is winding down while the battles for Laos are heating up. The weretiger is holed up in an idyllic jungle haven. When Mike Dillon’s old friend from the CIA, Dave Duryee is posted to Bangkok as to head the agency there, he sees an opportunity to travel to Laos and help Mike break free of the tiger. Aided by a mysterious Eurasian, half French, half Vietnamese veteran of the French Foreign Legion, Dave hunts for and finds the lair of the Weretiger. The pair attempt a rescue and are caught up in the middle of a major Communist guerrilla offensive. The story contains many thrilling twists and turns to culminate in a surprising climax.

Our story begins in Seattle, where Dave Duryee, college friend of Mike Dillon and CIA operative keeps daily tabs on the weretiger’s presence by satellite camera. Each day he sees the secret pond. lair of the weretiger and watches weretiger, female tiger, and the little black dog called ‘Snake’. he never sees MIke. When Dave is reassigned to the Bangkok office, he sees an opportunity to rescue Mike. He believes he can free the human from the tiger.

In Bangkok he meets an old friend, a Eurasian, French father and Vietnamese mother. A tall thin mysterious Asian who is an assassin and manager of security for the Bangkok Agency. His name is Claude Lellange and he identifies with Dave because Dave is the only person who treats him as an equal. When the enemy/Comunists/Pathet Lao pressure heats up on Southern Laos, Dave sees an opportunity to go to Laos and enter a Special Forces A-team compound from which he can go of foot to the tiger’s lair. He elects to take Claude with him. (Claude started as a bit player who would disappear when Dave went to Laos, grows in the story until he becomes the protagonist, a killer without remorse who seeks redemption in the jungle.

Doctor Mary Leary, A doctor from Kontum, Vietnam and who tried to help Mike disengage with the weretiger in the previous story, links up with dave with what she thinks is the elixir that will cure Mike.

They find the lair and encounter the weretiger and try to help him in the midst of a major communist offensive. The rest of the story builds to a surprising climax and redemption for Mike and Claude.

The saga of Dillon’s War begins with “The Weretiger of Kontum,” continues with “Revenge of The Weretiger,” and culminates with this third book of the trilogy.