Dillon’s War – Weretiger’s Deliverance
Revenge of the Weretiger

Angels in My Foxhole

Dillon’s War – The Weretiger of Kontum

The Tiger of Dien Bien Phu

History buffs will enjoy this historical adventure tale and true to life look into the turbulent final years of French Colonialism during the period 1932-54 and its ties to the later American Involvement in South Vietnam.

New Roanoke Island

A post apocalyptic novel set in the Pacific Northwest. Sent to the editor.

The Last Warrior

And Other Tales of Peace and War. A potpourri of short stories and poetry. Entered in a national writing contest. TBP 2017.


A novel set in the Bering Straits in the near future about Eskimos turned pirate in a melting Arctic setting. Young Brian Dickerson sets out on his first tug boat assignment in the Bering Sea – to resupply the native villages along the Alaskan coastline. Unknown to him his cargo includes a fortune in heroin, his first mate is a drug dealer, and his chief engineer is an undercover FBI agent. These ingredients plus pirates and murder make for an exciting voyage above the Arctic Circle during a time when global warming is threatening the native way of life.