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If you read my bio it’s all kind of dry unless you’re an Army person. I’d like to show you in the section a more human side of me. First of all my friends call me Dick. You can call me that.

When I lived in Boston, I did the usual things boys do except I ran with a gang. The first part of Dillon’s War was mostly autobiographical. In the city at that time one either ganged up for protection or ran like hell every day to keep from getting beat up. When I joined the scouts I just traded gangs–only this gang had as its purpose, building citizens. When I was 17 the scouts sent me to Europe to a jamboree and my life began to open up before me. My exodus to the West Coast in 1953 expanded my scope further. I began fly fishing and hunting with bow and arrow. I learned to ski and climbed Mount Rainier. I began to work my way through college – the first in my family ever to do so. (continued)