The Crickets of Hiroshima: June 23, 2018

When Inuit was published I took a break and waiting for the muse to strike me with an Idea. One Sunday Brenda and I were rewatching that great movie Tora,Tora, Tora when it struck me, “What if one of the Zero pilots was shot down and ended up flying for us?” The result was my best work. “Crickets” is essentially a love story that spans the Northern Hemisphere. Kenji Watanabe crashes his Zero on Oahu and is rescued by Nisai who take him under an assumed identity to a concentration camp where they are interned. To escape the camp Kenji joins the U.S. Army and volunteers for flight school. He earns Ace status in Africa and Europe, falls in love with a British girl, gets court martialed after the war and returns to his home village of Hiroshima to determine whether any of his family has survived the atom bomb.

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