More of My writing saga: 7jun18

I found I was sucked up in this story. I wasn’t finished. I wrote the third of what became a trilogy. Dillon’s War, Deliverance resolved the conflicts in a tale that takes place in Laos after the Vietnam War. I introduced a new character, Claude Lelange who was to play a bit part as an assassin for the CIA in Bangkok. Once again a character imposed himself on my work and ultimately took over the story. After five years of work, the story was finished. I felt a bit of post-partem depression. “What do I do now?” I asked my wife. “Now you write the story of Claude,” she said. I thought about that. I’d have to research the French involvement in Vietnam before the Americans came. A year later I had created The Tiger of Dien Bien Phu. a historical novel about the French Indochina War.


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