The Crickets of Hiroshima

An unlikely hero emerges from the turbulent years of the air war during World War II. Kenji Watanabe, a young fighter pilot from Hiroshima, who while flying his first combat mission against the U.S. Navy, the attack on Pearl Harbor, is shot down over Oahu. He survives to be rescued by two Japanese-American sugar farmers who hide him, tread his wounds and later adopt him under an assumed name.

Kenji, aka Ken Kurata, joins the U.S. Army to escape the detention camp to which he and his adoptive family have been sent along with other Hawaiian Nisei. He volunteers for flight school in California and Texas. He plots ways and means of rejoining his real family in Hiroshima.

The action shifts to North Africa when Ken is ordered to join a flight of P-40’s, the plane that gained popularity with the Flying Tigers in China, and excels against the Luftwaffe Messerschmitts attempting to Field Marshall Rommel’s desert troops in their efforts against the British and Americans.

When the air war heats up in Europe, Ken is sent back to the States to transition to the newly assigned star of the air war, the P-51 Mustang… >READ MORE

The Tiger of Dien Bien Phu

Out of the turbulent last decades of French Indo-China emerges an anti-hero, larger than life. He is Claude Lellange, product of a mixed marriage between a French Army colonel and a Vietnamese woman, Claude fights his way up from enlisted ranks to officer in the airborne forces of the Foreign Legion.

His heroic exploits and his ferocity in battle in the many combat actions leading to the final battle at Dien Bien Phu, earn him the sobriquet, “Tiger.” He emerges as an assassin who kills indiscriminately for pay and is, at the same time, a tragic figure.

History buffs will enjoy this historical adventure tale and true to life look into the turbulent final years of French Colonialism during the period 1932-54 and its ties to the later American Involvement in South Vietnam.

My book covers major world upheaval during the span of time from 1932 and the birth of our protagonist, Claude Lellange, to 1961. Events in the story take place .World War II in Vietnam and North Africa followed shortly by the Frech Indo-china war, ending in 1954 with the French defeat by the Viet Mingh Battle of Dien Bien Phu. The story begins with a flash-forward to 1961, then moves backward to about 1933 in Chapter 1… >READ MORE

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Lieutenant Colonel Richard A.M. Dixon graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in 1961. Later he earned an MS at the USA Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He served on active duty for twenty-three years, retiring in 1985. He spent fifteen of those years on parachute duty and conducted 300 jumps. He was cited numerous times for valor in combat and superior service. He now writes full time and lives with his wife and their dog Sandy, a rescued Golden Retriever, in the woods at Lakebay, Washington.



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